The Beckov Castle

2014-05-31 08-59-22 - IMG_4918.jpgThe Beckov Castle is situated on a steep rock, which was inhabited by the Celts, Romans and Slavonic tribes. The castle was built in the course of the 13th century as the seat of the Beckov county administrator. Until 1321 it was managed by Matúš Čák Trenčiansky. Sigismund of Luxemburg donated the castle to the Polish magnate Stibor of Stiboricz and his family, who owned the Beckov dominion in 1388-1434. IMG_0004.jpg

The duke Stibor (approximately 1347/1352 – 1414) rebuilt the castle as his main residence, he enlarged and modernised it in the gothic style. Three palaces were built in the upper castle; also a chapel with an altar with a rare statue of the Madonna, the court and administrative buildings underwent the reconstruction. King Sigismund donated the dominion to Pavol Banffy from Dolná Lindava in 1437. The Banffy family managed the castle for more than 200 hundred years. They improved the striking power of the castle, which was entirely re-designed in the renaissance style. The modernised castle and fortified town defended Beckov against the Ottomans in 1599. After a fire in 1729 the owners, united in a co-ownership, left the castle in ruins. In 1963 it was registered as a NationalCulturalMonument. 

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An archaeological research was realized in 1971 – 1975. Since 1996, after a complex conservation of the damaged 2014-05-19 10-48-08 - IMG_4439.jpgwalls, the castle has been opened to the public. The current reconstruction started in 2010. It is being realized in co-operation of the village with the state and the European Union. Many parts of the castle have been reconstructed, such as the entrance area; the lower courtyard with a museum has been enriched with souvenir shops, exhibition spaces and also a stage. The chapel has been partially reconstructed in the upper castle. The official opening was held on May 19th 2012. The tourists can see not only the object itself, they can also participate in the weekend programmes, attend the exhibitions in the castle museum, or have some refreshment in the Banffy Bar.