The Tematín castle

2014-05-20 11-11-11 - IMG_4770.jpgThe Tematín castle belongs to the land register of Modrovka. Just its ruins have been preserved, but it is still an impressive attraction. Together with the Beckov, Čachtice and Trenčín castles it used to protect the frontier passages of the region. There is a written reference about the castle from 1264. The castle was donated to Mikuláš Tóth (Kont), the son of Vavrinec Tóth, by Louis I. in 1348. At the turn of the 17th and 18th century it was owned by the count Mikuláš Berčéni, the commander of the Rakoczy army. The imperial troops conquered and burned down the castle. Berčéni was said to escape to Poland disguised as a shepherd. sg0004.jpg

There are three legends connected with the castle. The first of them is about a dragon. The lord of the castle allowed his servants to drink alcohol as much as they could, but one of them was too drunk and started to be violent. He was locked in the cellar of the castle brewery and was expected to sober up. After a while he was heard crying and screaming that a dragon was about to attack him. All people thought that it was just a joke, but he was nowhere to found in the morning. They saw just a big pit, similar to a den of a dragon. The same day they locked a sheep in the cellar. IN the morning there was nothing. The next time they prepared a trap with a dead sheep and in the next morning a dragon was found captured there. Two pairs of bulls were no table to remove to the courtyard. It must have weighed at least 500 kg! It was finally killed by the servants.

62 Juraj Krutek 1945_SOGA.jpg2014-05-20 11-12-41 - IMG_4780.jpgAnother legend says about the kuruc General Mikuláš Bercsényi and his successful escape from Tematín, when he tricked on the imperial troops disguised as one of his own soldiers, whose name was Patro Vizár. The real Patro was then captured instead of Bercsényi, but he managed to escape to Poland to join his lord. The third legend is about forbidden love. Anička (Annie), the daughter of the lord of the castle, fell in love Janko (Johny), a son of a shepherd. Her father wished her to die than to see her married to an unequal serf. The girl escaped from the castle to find her beloved one, but her father found them and killed the boy. Anička died of terror, because she was killed by her pain.